Saturday, 23 March 2013

First layer all but done

Have been slowly working down the other side to complete the first layer of 9mm ply planks.  Nothing new, just clamping in place, marking, cutting, drilling and countersinking and moving on the next one.

The photos are dry fit only, I have taken them all off now and will epoxy them on tomorrow but it will look the same so here they are.

Before shot:


Looking forward:

Showing the transom:

And inside shots.  First looking past the galley forward to bulkhead one:

Forward over frame 2 to one:

Inside cabin looking back:


After the epoxy is set I will plane off the extra at the chine both sides, sand a few edges that are sitting up a bit and generally prep for the second layer.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

First layer one side finished

The hull continues, with the first side complete.  It still has to be faired a bit before the second layer, I will leave that until I have finished the other side.

Side shot looking aft:

Side shot looking forward (dry fit):

From the front:

All the next were when dry fit only, but it looks the same.  Inside showing cockpit:

Inside cabin, frame six bookcase on right, galley on left:

Looking into the forward berth: