Monday, 17 February 2014

Forward cabin and galley framework

Work has been a bit slow of late, other household duties taking priority.  I am also finding that the internal fit out takes a lot more time and care.

To finish bracing the galley/compression post area I put the 12mm side panel on, again screwed on 50mm centres into the compression post:

I decided to do the forward berth area before laying the deck.  This involves making a split double berth, overhead lockers, under berth storage and a forward chain locker.  Not all of this is finished as yet.  I was going to get a metal frame made up and cover it with slats, but decided to use some wood I already had and some left over 9mm ply planks from the hull.

I figured out where I would put the join, off set to match the access from the cabin and made up the first larger section, leaving spaces between the ply for ventilation of the mattress.

I matched some of the cross pieces to the partial bulkhead on frame 2 and frame 3  ply sections for the sides of storage lockers.  After many adjustments to get them to swing up I lay on top.  Too close to the roof and felt a bit claustrophobic.  Took them out again, cut about 150mm off the partial bulkhead and supports dropping the berth height.  Much better.

A shot of the underside of the two finished berths:

And in position closed, bottom left of shot is the compression post for orientation:

Swung up to show storage areas yet to be boxed in, must clean up a bit soon!:

In front of frame 2 will be a chain locker, top will be attached to the bottom of the second chine up the sides and will have an access hatch into the locker:

This piece of ply (with some off cut glass epoxied on) will sit on top of the side/bottom chine wood.

It will be removable for cleaning or repair/replacement.  A cross piece (see below photo) will hold the chain forward to allow access to clean out water/mud that comes off the chain into the bottom of the locker.  The cross piece will run across just in front of the bottom cut out.  That is the theory anyway, my own idea so no-one to blame if it doesn't work.

Cross piece below, sides match the hull sides with space for water to pass by:

Last piece of progress was the starboard side of fr 5.  The area opposite the galley caused me days of sitting inside the boat with a piece of cardboard trying in vain to figure out were to put the head.  I had about 5 different options, and was not keen on a marine toilet due to cutting more holes in the hull, issues with pipework and non-discharge areas.  I have come up with a solution, tweaked by my wife which should work out nicely.  That is for a later post though, so now I could finish frame 5.

Shot before:

And after, 9mm ply with 12mm doubler and 25mm solid wood where the side deck carline (?) goes.  I had originally build another version, much smaller in 12mm ply.  But after changing what I was doing, just trimmed it off a bit and used it to cut the side where it meets the hull.  After all the trouble of getting it to fit the first time, why do it again!  Note bookcase framework as well:

Supports for overhead lockers in fore cabin are underway, 20mm x 20mm wood to frame them, the bookcases in the main cabin and the seats/berths as well has been ordered.  Starting to feel like progress again.