Friday, 29 July 2016

Cabin and deck fairing continued

The fairing continues, the main task has been the cabin but the recent photos have been mainly of the hull deck join and the deck which I have now got the first layer on.

Below shows the first layer of fairing mix on the port forward side.

And a wider shot looking aft:

Once set I sanded it back and gave it a second coat.  I had finished the fairing powder I got from Boatcraft Pacific, and got some International Epiglass from Whitworths which was closer to home. The epiglass seems easier to mix and apply, will see how it sands shortly:

Down the aft end:

This is the starboard side looking aft, after sanding off the first layer.

An with the second layer on.  The runs down are from the first layer on the deck (photo next).

Below is an overhead of the front deck with the first layer.  Complex curves and will need to think about how to spread it more evenly.

This is the port side deck first layer, cabin top and sides are good as done:

The transom got another coat as well, is also very close to done I think:

Sanding and more fairing.....

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Century Post - fairing AGAIN

It's been quite a while since my last post, and progress has slowed.  A month away for work, three weeks of school holidays and a bit of a mental block on fairing.  School holidays was motorbike riding with my son, and a cold snap in weather in Queensland had me rugged up reading a book.  But I think a break every now and then is a good thing, I was reading the website (crazy bloke building a 74ft steel vessel with volunteer help from internet fans) and something he quoted struck a cord.  Make work your habit (one of the seven habits of effective people apparently), so something towards your goal each day.

Now that I have got stuck back into the boat I am wondering why I was worried.  But my positive attitude only really emerged when I checked the third layer of fairing on the cabin top/sides and transom.  Surprisingly good, sand and one more coat and I think it is nearly sealer ready.

The following shots show the second fairing layer sanded.  Below is looking down the starboard side looking aft.  I left the glass cloth in place.

Below is looking across the transom, note the hull side/transom join which was glass taped on the join.  Sanding mask got a work out.

Third layer shots, these were just after I finished applying the mix before rushing out for the school pick up run and son's driving practice.   I trimmed out all the glass in the porthole and ventilation ports prior to applying. Went a little bit thicker on the mix, but a thin layer that filled the low points without running.  Left a bit extra on the edges for me to sand to a nice round edge.  These are all unsanded at this stage.

Across the transom.

Cabin top looking aft on stb side.

Port side from a distance, you can see the white paint in the galley through the port hold and just make out the outside of the coaming down aft.

Next will be sanding and another coat, I may even start the anchor well, front deck as well but see how I go.  I think I will need more filler powder.  After that I still have the cockpit and hull/deck join as well.  Probably too big a job, I think I'll do the cockpit last by itself.