Saturday, 13 October 2012

Gaff and Boom Part 2

Managed to keep going with the gaff and boom.  Once the boom jaws were finished I painted the whole thing and attached the jaws with three 8mm galvanised cup head bolts.

Below is a close up from below, there still needs to be leather around the inside but I will get to that:

And from a distance.  Overall length is 4250mm plus the end of the jaws, but is surprising how light it is.

Then I followed the same process with the gaff.  First I cut and shaped the jaws, this time from Qld Silver Ash hardwood.  Then a cut in the main part for a pivot piece (3mm plate).

Below is with them sitting in place yet to be attached, a curve was also made in the end of the gaff.

And an overall shot, length is 3300 plus jaws.

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