Thursday, 24 July 2014

Slowly getting back into it - forward cabin

After a few weeks break for school holiday activities I am back getting towards finished on the front cabin. Inside I have got the fronts and doors cut out for all the lockers:

Below is the port side, in front are the shelves with the bottom painted prior to attachment:

Gluing them in place, scraps and clamps to hold down the shelves.  The bottom right will be open topped storage:

And with the first coat of paint on:

Below is one of the front access doors for the shelving:

Outside I have filled and sanded the screw holes on the front deck, and sanded the gunwale join in preparation for taping the join:

 On the foredeck I have fitted the bottom half of the hatch into the deck.  Below shows the hole, note the front butts up to the curved laminated beam and the sides and rear were positioned to rest against the hatch. You will see that I had to build up the edges to get the hatch to sit properly, due to the curve of the deck I wanted a good join.  Mostly solid wood on the front, but the sides and rear have a ply well filled with epoxy.

Overhead in place, seated on a thick layer of epoxy on top of the support and spread on the inside surfaces of the carlines/beam to inside of hatch join:

From forward looking aft, note a small amount of sanding to allow a firm seating and space for epoxy to get in.

From the side:

And close up, bit more clean up to go:

The final piece to date was to epoxy a PVC joiner into the hole beside the Sampson post.  This will have a short piece of PVC tube with an elbow and cap for the anchor chain to go down into the locker under the berth:

And the inside, pipe to be fitted to allow vertical fall into the anchor locker.  Both pics are just epoxied in, waiting for clean up:

I have started cleaning up the underside of the deck for epoxy sealing which will be followed by some painting and decorative features, the front of the lockers being fitted and more paint.

Back in the groove.