Friday, 27 March 2015

Main cabin continues, with a little bit other prep

Progress has continued slowly forward, but I feel like I have started to get a roll on again.  I have ordered a fuel tank and some portholes, and have figured out where and what to get for the exhaust system to allow the cockpit to continue once the keel is bolted on.

In the meantime I have continued with the main cabin.  I have now permanently mounted the 12mm ply galley end wall, and have painted inside with two coats of oil based undercoat/sealer and a coat of exterior paint.  Below is looking in before I attached the end piece at the undercoat only.

The main cabin storage areas are coming together now I have cut out and sorted all the pieces.  First I glued down the bases of the storage areas:

Then pre painted inside:

Pre painted the front pieces, and the bottom layer of the galley bench:

And started attaching them:

Closer up looking forward:

And looking aft:

In between paint coats I was also continuing the prep of the lead keel.  I had epoxy coated both sides and the top, but had to countersink the holes on the bottom to fit the nut and washer of the keel bolts. Once bolted on, these holes will be filled with epoxy and filler powder.  Below are the rear four holes with just started the bottom left one.

After checking the size of the socket I found an old wood bit for my inherited brace and set about having a go.  I wasn't sure it would work, but felt that I could take it nice and easy, and control it better than an electric tool.  Those of you who have respect for old wooden tools, look away now!

I was surprised at how easy it was, I did use a fine file to take off rust and make sure the cutting edge was sharp.  Nice long pieces of lead slowly emerged as I turned.  Below is from a bit further back:

Depth was determined with a high tech measuring device, texter mark on a screwdriver:

Below are the rear four finished.  Since then I have epoxy coated the base as well so the keel is ready to attach (no pressure Dad!).

Part of my increased output is having multiple jobs on the go while paint or glue dries.  It is a bit hard to see but I have glass taped the hull,/deck join on both sides as far back as the rear of the cabin.

Next is to fill screw holes on the cabin sides and roof, tape the joins and then glass the deck and cabin roof/sides.  I still need to finish off inside the cabin, but multiple tasks is the way to go.

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