Sunday, 19 April 2015

Glass the anchor well and cabin roof

Fibreglass application has continued, completing the anchor well and the cabin roof in one go.  I am still using the large roll of mat from the hull mainly.

Below shows the anchor well from overhead before.  I cut out a piece for the base which comes up the sides almost to the stringer, some of the 200mm wide tape I have left for the next space up between the gunwale and next stinger down and two pieces for the rear of wall (next photos after this one).

Side on shot showing the side spaces to be covered.  I have already put an extra 9mm piece of ply each side on the gunwale/next stinger space almost all the way to the back for protection/strength (you can see where it ends on the top left of the picture).  At the front sides of the anchor well you will have glass outside, three layers of 9mm ply and glass on the inside.  Shouldn't be far off 30mm thick!!

And a shot looking back showing the rear of the anchor well and the bowsprit support.  Note I have now also bolted in a piece at the bottom to hold the sides of the bowsprit support in, it is also epoxied over two bolts which go through the anchor well floor, king plank underneath and a support piece (photos in one of the earlier posts).

Overhead after, I had previously epoxy fillet the floor/hull join.  You can also see some of the two side pieces.

A better shot of the side pieces, I wasn't worried about not completely covering the ply with glass, just getting some extra protection from anchor chain etc down the track.

And a shot of the rear of the anchor well.  I continued the side pieces down over the fillet and edge of the floor glass for strength to ensure a good seal.

The cabin roof had also been prepared and was glassed at the same time.  Below is the before shot showing the roof to side joins taped, and the roll on top.

Mat cut to size, needed two 1200mm wide pieces with the sides and aft end trimmed off slightly.

And the final result with two coats of epoxy wet on wet.

Once the epoxy has hardened I will carefully trim off the excess in the mast space and access hatch and do a little bit of light sanding on the edges.  Once that is done, I will glass the front and two sides as well followed by a final thin coat (or two) all over so it is ready for paint later on.

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