Friday, 29 July 2016

Cabin and deck fairing continued

The fairing continues, the main task has been the cabin but the recent photos have been mainly of the hull deck join and the deck which I have now got the first layer on.

Below shows the first layer of fairing mix on the port forward side.

And a wider shot looking aft:

Once set I sanded it back and gave it a second coat.  I had finished the fairing powder I got from Boatcraft Pacific, and got some International Epiglass from Whitworths which was closer to home. The epiglass seems easier to mix and apply, will see how it sands shortly:

Down the aft end:

This is the starboard side looking aft, after sanding off the first layer.

An with the second layer on.  The runs down are from the first layer on the deck (photo next).

Below is an overhead of the front deck with the first layer.  Complex curves and will need to think about how to spread it more evenly.

This is the port side deck first layer, cabin top and sides are good as done:

The transom got another coat as well, is also very close to done I think:

Sanding and more fairing.....

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