Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Back to work - easing into it

Now that I have finished my break away from the build it is time to finish this marathon.  I am going to make a finish list and start putting some time frames and money into this thing, so it gets to the water before global warming brings the water to me.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well my preparations to leave it for 15mths survived.  No possums or snakes moved in, a few daddy long legs but they were easily moved on.  Cleaned out the shed and did a dump run, and back to it.  I decided to start small to get back into the swing, and because of the temperature in the shed.

Rudder fittings were the go:

First job was to adjust the tiller with the belt sander so it would slide into the rudder.

Still need to seal it with epoxy/paint but wanted to be able to check heights for the rudder positioning on the transom.

Then it was on to trimming back the rudder to take the pintles.  Started with propping the rudder in place in checking the tiller went through the hole I had left in the transom, then marked the top and bottom.  Below is the bottom:

After cut out test fit:

And the top notched out:

Top final position:

Bottom final position:

Then both were removed and the raw wood epoxy coated thickly:

I put a bit of wood into the fitting and drilled holes to guide the drill bit on the rudder to match the holes on the fittings:

I was able to find a few stainless steel bolts (but too long) and test fit both top and bottom:

This then allowed me to figure out where the bottom gudgeon on the keel and the top one on the transom go.  I still have to seal the holes with epoxy prior to painting, and seal the keel wood again once I drill the holes:

While the chisels were sharp I went up on deck and took back the inside of the stem so I could slide the stem fitting in place:

More work to come, and more regularly now I hope!


  1. Great to see the progress. Now it's mounted that rudder hardware (and the stem fitting) look really sturdy.

  2. They should be. The plans were for casting and had them getting narrower on the sides but I went with stainless and kept to the widest measurement. They should do the job!