Monday, 3 August 2020

Rigging prep and boat transport

I have continued to prepare the mast, boom and gaff along with the rigging whilst I was waiting for a slot to move the boat.  Added some hardware to the boom to attach the sail and hold the boom down:

I made hardwood pieces for the boom (maybe called combs?) shaping them with the drill, jigsaw and angle grinder followed by sandpaper.

Below are the ones for the boom:

And for attaching loops for the gaff halyards to go back and forward through to the block.  I marked out the hole and made six in one go:

And below after a couple of coats of Sikens:

Below is a photo of the bronze deadeye on one of the shrouds (was asked to show one, along with the next photo on how the top of the rigging attaches):

And a photo showing how the shroud attaches along with the loops for the blocks/sails:

I had some hardwood so made a pin rail for the front of the mast with four 8mm stainless steel belaying pins permanently attached for halyards.  It attaches with three 6mm stainless bolts through a metal plate on the front of the tabernacle:

While all this was going on I was going back and forth getting insurance coverage and arranging movement of the boat to a marine engineering works for the installation of the engine (sitting inside already) and drive train/propeller.  After much back and forward I got a phone call the boat transporters were on their way.

They spent a while getting in my tight driveway, and then hooked up the crane:

Lift off:

Heading to the trailer:

And loaded with the mast, boom and gaff ready to go:

And away:

From here it is:
- finish some reshaping I am doing on the rudder and re-mount it;
- once the boat is in the yard, put the blocks and halyards on the mast and stand up the rigging;
- get final quote/measure on the sails and order;
- sort insurance, and berth; and
- launch........


  1. Absolutely Wonderful to see her on the trailer to the yard. You have done it. Sailmaker at work only while u can prep her for the water. Will u splash her when engine is functional or will u wait for sails?

  2. So close! I look forward to seeing her in the water and sailing!