Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Frame 9

This frame only has a single doubler on the forward side of the solid frame, seems like a piece of cake after the last two frames.  The frame itself forms a watertight bulkhead across the full beam of the boat in 9mm ply, and forms one of the supports for the cockpit.  In addition, it is the end of the berths each side.

As it was full size 9mm all the way around, I carefully marked out on the ply including the curves of the solid wood and used that to build around.

Then all the screw holes (Lots!!) were marked out, screwed and countersunk.  The holes for the vertical piece on the centreline have to be countersunk on the opposite side, as to the ones into the rear of the solid wood frame.  Don't drill them all at once, do all the forward ones then turn it over.  I almost countersunk the wrong side.

The vertical wood is a mixture and I will describe each, but the whole thing is epoxy glued and screwed on 100mm centres.  It felt like the most solid frame so far, with very little movement/flex due to the screws.

Below is on the laminating bench:

This one shows completed frame from forward.  You can see all the screws which have been countersunk and the holes filled with epoxy.  Doubler is forward as you can see, on the centreline is a 95mm x 20mm support piece.  The angle on the top of the ply comes from the laminated beams for the seat tops (no beam used on this one), the pieces down low are 20mm x 20mm supports for the ply base of the berths.  Base of the 95mm x 20mm is screwed at the bottom only on this side, but through the ply into the hardwood.

This is a close up of the stb side, note the cut outs for various sized solid wood running parallel with the centre line to support the cockpit floor and cockpit sides/seat bottoms.

Then from aft, showing the solid wood to stiffen the ply frame.  Across the top are 45mm x 20mm put on slightly oversize then cut to match the curve of the ply.  The large horizontal one is 45mm x 30mm and the usual hardwood cross piece on the base.  Note the solid 95mm x 20mm is screwed from this side.

Two frames to go, and frame 10 is marked out on the floor and under way.

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