Monday, 30 July 2012

Frame 10 - the home straight

I am calling this the last frame.

There is a support for the transom to screw the two layers of 12mm ply to but because that doesn't go inside the boats interior and forms part of the hull I am rewarding myself already for finishing the frames.

This frame again supports the cockpit floor along with the seat fronts and tops.  It has no plywood web across it so is fairly light compared to the others.

Single layer of 25mm thick wood, seemed to take hardly any time to get them done compared to three layers on the last one.  The scarf joint has a 9mm doubler over it on the forward side, I put a few screws on each piece to hold the lot together until the epoxy glue set.  Below is a close up from underneath while waiting for the glue to go off.

Screwed the solid pieces each side to the hardwood bottom piece using the dimensions marked on the lofting floor, then marked where the 45mm x 30mm cross piece for the cockpit floor support went.  Took it off, marked and cut out the notches for length ways wood later on and glued/screwed it on.

In addition there are 25mm wide packers to go between the cross piece and the forward vertical supports (stick with me, it will make sense!).  The horizontal piece is screwed to the aft face of the solid frames, and the vertical supports to the front.  By putting in a spacer and gluing/screwing it all together it has plenty of support.

Below is a close up of one of the spacers looking from above, the notch is for 30mm x 20mm wood:

Once that was done it was time to cut, drill, countersink, shape and swear at the support pieces.  This took a bit longer and was a bit fiddly, the seat top supports are shaped to match the laminated beam on an earlier frame which is also the same shape as a larger one to come on the transom.

The cockpit floors and seat tops/fronts go full length from the start of the cockpit to the transom forming storage and watertight bulkhead (Fr9).  The horizontal piece is also supported by a 95mm x 20mm piece screwed on the forward face and into the hardwood cross piece at the bottom.

Then more epoxy glue and screws to hold it all together, and fill all the countersunk screw holes with epoxy as well.

Little bit of clean up and finished product from forward:

And from aft:

Onwards to the final transom supports while I get down to some serious strong back planning.  I hope to have the frames standing up (laser level and assistants permitting) in the not to distant future.  But don't quote me....

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