Sunday, 12 August 2012

Transom finished.

Transom is done, no more frames!! This one finished above the waterline.

The frame has a doubler on the forward side, a 30 x 45mm cross piece to support the cockpit floor (half lapped into the frame so the transom has one flat vertical surface for the ply transom) and two vertical 30 x 45mm pieces for the seat front support. The laminated beam is only dry fit at this stage, and there is another laminated beam to go across from the very top for the aft deck.

Once the cross piece was done, the vertical supports for the seat fronts were positioned.

This is a close up of the solid frame, horizontal and vertical pieces all half lap joined. All epoxy glued in place, I skillfully left nice spaces in the joins to allow the epoxy to get a good penetration! They are not as bad as they look, trust me.

It was glued with everything in place, but not all was glued.  The laminated beam to the frame and the laminated beam to the upright were not glued.

This is the final result from forward side:

And from aft, all flush finished so the ply can go on.

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