Thursday, 4 April 2013

Layer one done - prep for layer two

Managed to epoxy and screw on the remaining planks to finish the first layer.  It looks exactly the same as the previous dry fit photos but I'm happy with that.

Prep for the second layer required the adjustment of the chine join for the second layer to overlap.  First I used an electric plane and then a belt sander lightly to tidy up.  I then went over both sides where a few plank joins were sitting up.

Below is the first side before, showing the overlap:

And after trimming the extra and sanding:

From further near the bow:

And after:

Looking from aft forward:

Below is a close up of the join.  The second layer on the bottom is next which will overlap this join:

Other side:

Looking towards aft, the dark at the join is drying epoxy/glue where there was a small gap to fill:

And an overhead shot standing on top:

Onwards to the second layer.

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