Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fairing part one

Had a few computer problems so have not updated for a while.  The fairing of the hull continues, this would have to be the worst part so far but I am getting there.

After the first layer of epoxy/filler powder was dry I started.  First I made a sanding board so I could sand the curves.  These are also known as torture boards, and with good reason.  The ply is 6mm so I can bend it around the curve, I cut slots near each end to feed in sandpaper from a roll and screwed extra ply on top to hold it in place.  Couple of handles screwed on and away I went.  The idea is you sand in different directions/angles and the bend in the ply stops you sanding flat spots because it will take the curve of the hull as you press in on the handles.

I also have another sanding block similar to a bricklayers trowel with a handle, very useful as well.

Although I thought the hull was quiet smooth I soon discovered all the little dimples in the hull.  The pattern of the fibreglass mat, even though I coated it a number of times, was still there.  I tried using a notched spreader with the epoxy, the idea being you sand it hitting the high points and then fill in the hollows.  I didn't mix the epoxy thick enough and it ran together instead of leaving peaks.  Luckily I only did the front on one side as an experiment.  I'll let you know because it is on the second side I've just started. 

After starting sanding the entire hull and putting on a second coat I decided to work on a single side at a time for my mental health.  That way I could see progress as I did each coat.  I have left the bottom until after I have made the keel.

This the side I did first after sanding:

The other side:

The next coat going on:

Sanding and re-coating a couple of times I found a thin layer scraped with a wide plastic spatula was better than doing thick coats which ran and needed lots of sanding.  This is the front:

And looking towards the transom:

I still have a few spots to sand after today, I had a bit of mixture left over so went back to a couple of small hollows.  The above photo was when it was still wet, the shine goes with the final fine sand.

The other side which I am now working on, this is early sanding:

 And the most recent layer today:

And looking towards the transom:

I will continue on sanding and layering, and will continue with the next post including final shots.  But this takes a while!

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