Friday, 23 August 2013

Fairing part two

Once I was sick of the first side I started on the second.  It didn't seem as bad and I think some of my early coats on the first side were too thick and ran so much that I was just wasting epoxy/filler, time, energy and sanding paper.

The second side seemed to benefit from the early mistakes.  If you remember on the bow I tried to use a notched spreader to make grooves with only partial success.  After sanding and filling I stuck with the thin coat, sand, recoat process which seemed to work okay.  Maybe I was just over it and decided it was good enough.  I have moved on to the keel prep and start (next post shortly) and haven't taken any shots of the second side.  It looks like the first, see below for the final outcome.  I may go back as I work on the keel and do small spots if they bug me, but we will see.

Looking down the first side after final sanding:

Looking from the side at the transom towards:

Looking aft at the top curve:

Lastly looking aft bottom curve:

Next post will be prep for the keel with holes drilled through the bottom and building the hardwood stem cap.

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