Saturday, 14 December 2013

Interior prep

After recovering from the roll over I started the interior prep prior to fit out.

First off I put extra braces on the cradle back at an angle to give extra support.  I'll take a photo in a later post, just to stop any movement.   Then I filled between the floor stinger and hull with epoxy.  There were a few places where screws were visible so I thickened some epoxy (thicker down the back near the transom where the slope of the floor was greater) and poured it in.  

Next I removed the cross pieces of the roll over frame and painted inside forward of frame one and along the sides with three coats of epoxy wet on wet.  I did it with a brush, giving the stingers one coat and the ply hull three and it took hours.  It will also have undercoat/sealer and then paint later on.  Below shows the result on the sides, still some ply without epoxy in this shot.

Below is a close up between frame 10 and the transom.

I then cut back the cradle and the tops of the solid wood on each frame, changed the blades on the electric plane and took off the extra ply above the gunwale stringer.  Below looking forward, really shows the interior now:

And down the back again:

And a shot from the side, doesn't really look much different though:

After cleaning up I cut 100mm wide fibreglass tapes for frames 9, 2 (half bulkhead) and frame 1, put a fillet of epoxy and glue powder down and then the tapes.   Below shows behind frame 9:

After frame 9 I decided to actually cut out the piece where the stinger was rather than epoxying it along the stringer (as you can just make out above).  Below is one of the tapes for frame 1, I still left a little bit of glass to go onto the stringer for strength, just not the whole lot:

Here is frame 1 tape in place:

I put a second layer of epoxy on the tapes to make sure the weave was filled, and at the same time used the brush to cut in the large open spaces of ply yet to be epoxied.  These were filled in with a roller, again three coats wet on wet.  The whole thing looks really shiny and a nice colour.  I am thinking about leaving a few laminated beams visible for effect but we will see.

Below is a shot looking to the transom from about frame 4 after the floor and ply bulkheads/frame epoxy had set:

That's all the prep, I have now started the supports for the cockpit and the forward deck.

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  1. Awesome. Its a nice feeling to work on intereor while the hull is done. I can imagine you prepping some coffee while the vane steers her along...