Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fore deck, bulkheads and compression post

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who stop in from time to time to check up on the boat.  Due to work over Christmas I didn't get a lot of boat time, but I have managed a few hours here and there.

With the three coats of internal epoxy done and the hull roughly trimmed it was time to start the fit out.  I started by fitting the curved laminated beams and king planks for the foredeck.

After cutting and dry positioning each beam I positioned the stringers and marked for the cut outs including the king planks.  The two stringers closest to the centreline run each side of the forward hatch that I built before I even started the boat.  Feels like a decade ago.

After cutting out for the king planks (full depth) I got carried away and cut out notches full depth for all the stringers.  They were supposed to be half lapped, thought it was going too well.....

Prior to epoxying in the laminated beam at frame 4 I had a few things to finalise, namely the bulkheads and compression post.

Below shows the before shot, ply in place is the aft end of the galley, the two pieces in front are notched ready for attachment.

And in place:

Next were the king planks and stringers, below shows the second of the 10mm thick hardwood layer of the king planks being epoxied into place.  All the laminated beams are epoxied to the frames at this stage as are the inside two stringers.

I was on the woodenboat forum looking at a Welsford Pathfinder build (Hi Rik!) and was inspired by the painted interior of storage areas.  Rushed straight out to the shed, got the paint brush and put down two coats of undercoat and two coats of exterior house paint under the cockpit.  Looks good!

Below shows the PVC tubes I epoxied into a rebate on the bottom of the hardwood cross piece in frame 10 to act as a drain.  Should let any water in there get down to frame 9 where a bilge pump will be located.

Then it was back to work, epoxying in the final two stringers, and preparing the compression post.  Below is the post, 75mm x 45mm kwila.  You may recognise it as an off cut of the hardwood keel pieces which was later pressed into use as a prop during the roll over.  It has now retired to a permanent position of pride in the boat after some surgery with the electric plane.  Notched at the top, you'll see why next.

The location before, the notch is so the post supports both the laminated beam, and also the king plank.  On top of here goes the mast tabernacle so strength is important.

Hammered into place with epoxy onto the king plank, beam, bulkhead and floor.

Close up looking inside of the galley:

And the forward side of the bulkhead, 25mm stainless steel screws on 50mm centres:

After that I needed to position the carlings (I think they are called), wood that support the deck on each side of the cabin and also the cabin sides.  To do this I figured it was necessary to make the front of the galley (as you look at it) and the aft of the cabin.  I am not curving the side decks to follow the hull, but going straight from rear to front.

Below shows the aft end of the galley, 25mm softwood doublers on aft side of 12mm ply with notches in place for carlings and cabin sides.  I have now cut a piece out of the bottom ply to a nice curve as it was 100mm too high.

And the aft end of the cabin, also in 12mm ply so quite strong.  Looking from inside looking to the cockpit, note the laminated roof beam and carlings sitting on each side:

And from the cockpit looking forward:

The bits of wood just in front of the cabin are supports for the bridge deck:

And close up showing notching into laminated beams:

I am going to have to bite the bullet and organise an engine etc, otherwise I will not be able to start closing in the cockpit and cabin.  I'll continue fitting out the forward berths, bookcases and storage first, and maybe laminate the forward deck instead...........


  1. Hi Mal,
    Looking good as usual.

  2. Tasty. Very tasty.

    Chris in Monterey, Ca

    1. I'll try and get another post up in a week or so, inside is much slower!

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