Wednesday, 14 May 2014

First layer front deck

It was a blast from the past with the return of planking.  It feels like a lifetime ago I was working on the hull, and I was happy to see some fast visual impact again on the build.

In our last instalment I had put a triangle piece of ply over where the mast tabernacle goes which would cover this vital area in a single piece whilst also setting the angle for the planks.  6mm x 200mm wide for the front and side decks, and surprisingly light and flexible after the 9mm used on the hull.

Below shows the first four planks screwed and glued in place.  They are only glued to the laminated deck beams and support pieces running forward/aft.  Screws are 8guage and just long enough to hold them in place.  In theory I should remove them but I have countersunk them just under the top surface and will leave them.  I used a template so I know where they are and can screw through all layers into the beams etc on the second layer.

While I continued to dry fit deck planks I cut the first of the side deck layers.  It was extremely quick and easy, I will drill/screw it down shortly after I have cut the other side as well.

After the first four I continued to dry fit forward:

And then epoxied into place, ice cream containers contain rocks for weight:

Once I got this far forward I had to put in the 120mm x 20mm hardwood support and 12mm ply anchor well floor.  From this earlier photo (upside down sorry) just below the white hatch you can see the horizontal 45mm x 30mm hoop pine floor support with a darker hardwood 45mm x 20mm doubler:

This is from between frame 1 and the stem, looking upwards to the floor of the anchor well with frame 1 at the top of the picture.  Note the 6mm gal bolts go through the doubler, support plank and the 12mm ply floor:

And towards the stem:

Looking from above down onto the ply floor.  Note the screws joining the two halves to the support hardwood piece, and the deck king plank on the right of the shot coming past the laminated beam on frame 1.  It is not as wide as the aft part under the mast and fitted under the deck in case I want a powered anchor windlass down the track.  The anchor well floor will be taped to the hull and frame 1, and also covered with fibreglass cloth:

Once that was done, I have continued to dry fit the deck which is now complete.  Overhead of the anchor well looking forward:

And looking aft:

Side decks next, I may not epoxy down the first layer until I have fitted the hardwood pieces for the bowsprit/frame 1 join into the anchor well, and through frame 1/Sampson post.  I have a few more days off, should make a bit more progress....

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