Saturday, 3 May 2014

Front cabin and deck support prep - deck started

It is almost decking time, but first lets review:

I continued with the initial fit out of the overhead storage in the front cabin.  Basic support was 20mm x 20m hoop pine and then 9mm ply shelves/fronts.  I have not cut in the openings and am still thinking about styles and surrounds.

This is the starboard side.  At the top will be closed storage (two or three doors to be cut), below that to the right will be shelving with the front leaning against the bulkhead fitted underneath.  To the left of the shelves will be open I think on top with just a front, and will be used for things like your book, kindle etc.  On the top left where the notch is will have a 200mm high front (one of the planks left over from the hull) again with an open top for storage:

A close up of the shelving:

I've also been starting to fit out the seat/berths in the main cabin.  First fitting (and bending in) the top supports which follow the curve of the bottom to lower chine stinger:

And then trimming and fitting a 9mm front while boxing in an extra small section that will be a step and also opening into the lockers each side of the engine box (middle right of the below picture).  I really need to have a clean up:

I've finished the side deck supports all the way back to the rear of the cabin, here is a shot of the first deck piece in place.  I've made this a single piece of 6mm ply because the mast tabernacle (support) will eventually be bolted through the deck and king plank between the three clamps bottom middle and the curved beam.  I figured the less joins in here under the bolts the better. The space just forward of the king plank end is where the hatch goes:

Another view from the front showing the hatch space and also a bit of the lockers in the forward cabin.  The side deck supports can also be seen:

And below an overhead shot looking aft while standing on top the hull between frame one and the bow.  The profile of the cabin and deck are beginning to show themselves.  Happy times!!

More decking is next, and should progress relatively quickly visually (I hope).

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  1. Oh man!!! Look at her! I can see the deck! Wow...