Saturday, 23 January 2016

Quarter deck on

Just a quick update, trying to increase my output in both the shed and the blog.

Next step was to attach the Delilah posts.  Below shows the starboard side post drilled for coach screws.  These are 70mm x 10mm go through the curved beam into the post and two through the post into the stringers.

And in place with plenty of epoxy glue:

I also shaped some kwila braces, 70mm x 20mm which are dry fit below.  14g  inch and a quarter screws into the hardwood post and transom frame.  Dry fit only in this shot from above:

And from the side showing the screws:

I glued and screwed in the 9mm ply covers that go over the post from the seat to the stringers, photos in the next update because I forgot.

Then it was screw down the first layer with plenty of epoxy glue with a good squeeze out.  Once the first layer was on, I quickly glued and screwed the hardwood supports onto the posts with a thick fillet between the top of the support and the bottom of the deck.  You can just see the cross piece under the deck in this shot.  Lovely shape to the quarter deck from the designer John Welsford.

The next day removed the screws (broke a few off) and stuck down the second layer.  Where the screws broke (I had pre-drilled and countersunk the holes in the top layer) I just slightly widened the countersink and drilled/screwed in on a slight angle.  Once I filled the holes no one will know which ones are on an angle, even me!  Starboard side, you can just make out the 9mm cover over the delilah post:

And from the cabin exit with holes filled and clamps holding the lip out from the curved beam together. The leading edge of the curved deck will have a layer or two clamped on underneath to re-enforce it later, I left the forward ends oversize just at the end where they meet the side decks and will trim them once dry.

And a more overhead shot, note the Delilah posts through the deck which were a bit of a nightmare to cut out when dry fitting.  As they are bolted to the hull sides they follow the hull curve, I like the look of it.

Next will be clean up and finish the side deck second layers each side from the quarter deck forward to the cabin side followed by glassing the transom to hull and quarter deck joins, then a full layer on the transom and quarter deck.


  1. Are you going to put that hardwood plank in the center of the quarter deck for your rigging vice?


    1. Hello Mr Whipple. Yes, I am following your example (again!) and there is a 90mm x 20mm hardwood piece under the quarter deck. You can just see it as the dark piece under the centre of the quarter deck, or in full half way down the 9 Nov post before the deck went on. Don't know about a vice, I was thinking more re-enforcement for the traveller.