Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Front and side decks faired

I've had some time off, so got into a good routine of sanding and applying a fairing layer each day to the front and side decks over the last four days or so.  The International Epiglass sands off to small beads which are quite hard on the knees, but the surface feels smooth.  It is deceptive because you can see through the filler and think there are hollows, but the top surface is even when you run your toe over it.

Front deck layer two:

And all sanded after four layers.  I did have photos of each layer but you couldn't tell the difference:

Side deck layer two of four:

Starboard side before:

And the starboard side all sanded:

I put a fillet of sanding filler on the cabin side to deck join, and also around the pads for the stanchions and sanded them back to a curve.  While I was sanding and cleaning up the anchor well I put up the bowsprit for a photo to see how it looked:

And now I have sanded and put the first layer on the cockpit, which is the final part to be faired on top.

I will continue on with the cockpit, I need to crawl underneath and check the keel to hull join and the underwater areas.  I think I may have rushed a bit to turn over and need a thin layer or two to finish them off.  I had a quick look and it wasn't as bad as I thought to can be done while I am doing the cockpit layers which is a much smaller area than the decks.

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