Thursday, 24 May 2012


Another side project was the bowsprit.  First off was to laminate three 80mm x 40mm pieces of Oregon pine to give me a single piece 120mm wide and 80mm high that was 2050mm long.

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post about learning not to leave until the epoxy had set tacky and excess was cleaned off?  Look at the tender in the background and you will see what I mean.  If you look at the bowsprit you will see the extra squeeze out that I should have cleaned off BEFORE if set.  Do not repeat this mistake!  You will rue the rush to get to the beer inside the house, trust me.

This was then shaped according to the plan.  The photo below probably shows the final shape the best.  The bottom face (resting on the saw horses) is flat with the top surface sloping up to a centre section that is the full size of 120mm x 80mm.  It then slopes down the the right hand end which is where the fitting goes which is not yet cut pending fabrication and galvanising.

The picture below is looking from the fitting end and shows how the bowsprit tapers from the middle toward where it will meet the boat (the far end).

Below is the final result with two coats of oil based undercoat/sealer and two coats of exterior grade house paint.  Once I finish the final shaping for the fitting I will have to drill holes etc and complete the paint.  Note at the top of the photo all the thin pieces of wood to be laminated into beams, see later post.

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