Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tender build start

Before I started, I thought I had better start on something small.  John Welsford had a sailing/rowing tender design called "Tender Behind".  So the plans were ordered and the sawdust began.

Bottom cut out and screwed to jig.

Frames sitting in position

Centreboard laminated, shaped and fit.

Forward spine being epoxy glued.

Zip tied in place for fibreglass taping.

Sitting in place from stern.

This took me from November 2011 until early 2012.


  1. Did you finish this job? I'm up to a similar position and having trouble 'offering up' the bottom planks.

  2. Yes Rob, check the next couple of posts after this one. If I had my time over I would spend more time getting the bevel exactly right, and dry fit a few times to ensure the next plank has a nice neat curve to match. Mine are a bit wobbly!