Thursday, 24 May 2012

Frame 1

The first frame has a full sized 9mm ply bulkhead that will be filleted to the hull making a watertight space between the bow and the inside of the cabin.  This is in case you hit something, not a thought I want to consider.

Because it was full sized, I drew (lofted) the frame directly onto the ply I was going to use instead of onto the lofting floor which was much easier.  I had previously cut a hole for a waterproof hatch and epoxied a doubler on the other side to help support it.

I didn't take many photos because I was too busy getting it finished so I could feel like I was under way.  Below is a shot looking at the at the rear face of the bulkhead.  Visible at the very bottom is the hardwood on the front face that will be cut to fit the stem and keel bolt.

Below is an overhead shot to give you an idea of the curve in the solid wood frame.  The line of horizontal dots above the hatch are countersunk screws into a solid piece of hoop pine on the forward side with a hardwood doubler.  At the top you can see the first laminated beam attached, this will form the forward edge of the deck.

The horizontal wood on the forward side has a notch cut for a hardwood plank running along the centreline to the stem.  It will have a small lower deck/step down area to stand in when up the bow or attending to the anchor.  It will also be a good spot to put your feet and sit on the higher deck where the beam is.

Looking from the beam down the centreline.

This is now up to date to where I am at as of about the middle of May 2012.  I have started frame two but will not post an update until it is finished.

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