Thursday, 3 January 2013

Stringers done - Happy New Year!

With much patience from family (and doing a little bit at a time then waiting for epoxy to set overnight) I have finished all the stringers.  Spent a bit of extra time hanging around and cleaning up each of the stringer/frames joints as much as I could removing excess epoxy.

On to photos, enough chat:

First three stringers done looking forward:

Looking overhead from the bow, three done on one side:

Looking overhead from transom forward (removed temporary wood between each frame):

Completed from the front:

From the side at the bow:

From the side looking back:

From the side at the transom:

Inside looking towards transom:

Inside looking forward, galley on left and over supports for berth to frame 1:

Started some clean up of the stringers and sanding the sharp edges off on the inside edge, leaving it square where it will meet the hull.  Happy day.

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