Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Hull is underway!

Got my 9mm ply delivered, mainly cut into 200mm wide planks with two sheets cut into 100mm wide for the bow where there is a sharp curve into the stem.  Also got a supply of Phillips head stainless steel countersunk self tapping screws, 8 gauge x 5/8" to attach the planks.

Then there was no more procrastination, it was time to start.  I had planed and sanded the frames stingers so was hoping the shape was not too bad.  Time will tell.

Plank One.  Each plank has three screws (countersunk) at each stringer position, the plank itself is on about a 20 degree angle.  The planks are epoxy glued to the stringers only and not to each other.  When you screw the second layer on at about 90 degrees to the first it forces glue into the joins between the planks.

I got two planks out of each 2400mm x 200mm piece of ply with a little bit left over.  As you can see below I didn't bother cutting off the bottom, the building guild recommends at least 50mm past which I assume is to ensure full epoxy all the way past the stringer.  After the two layers are on and the boat rolled over you trim it  to the stringer.  This is frame 8 to the transom which was a days activity.

The shot below is looking along the hull, and you can just see the shape/curve starting to show itself.  Maybe you cant, but I got a bit excited anyway!

As you can see there is quite a way to got, don't expect the two layers to be done quickly.

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