Thursday, 23 May 2013

Prep for second layer on the bottom

Now that the sides are finished it was time to get rid of the extra wood at the top where the curve meets the bottom, and also at the chine where the two curves meet.  Using an electric plane I took them down at the top until the sides met the bottom.  I think I may have a little bit more to take off but there was a lot of sawdust created.

I started at the stem where I took the extra off at the front where it met the stem.  Below is the final result from the front before:

And after:

And showing where the stem meets the first bottom layer/sides:

At the transom looking forward at the top of the curved sides meeting the bottom before trimming:

And after:

Looking further forward:

And one of the zig zag scarf joints sanded ready for the second layer:

Next step is the mark the centreline and dry fit the second layer, the middle is wider than a single sheet of ply so you work out from the centreline each side until it narrows to within the width of one sheet of ply.  The joins in the second layer are over a different frame so the joins in the first layer are overlapped by a continuous sheet of ply, but you still join over a hardwood cross piece on the bottom of the frame.  This will make sense in the next post.

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