Saturday, 4 May 2013

Top curve first side

After tapering the top edge of the bottom curve section on both sides it was time to start the top curve.  The planks on this are smaller than the bottom one, so less epoxy and quicker progress.

I managed to work my way down the side dry fitting, the middle was high off the ground so had to resort to a ladder.

Here is the first half dry fit:

From the side:

I then continued to the transom and then took them all off again.  It is a bit sad how quickly a lot of time cutting, adjusting and dry fitting can be disassembled in.  I know I said I wouldn't do it again, but I epoxy/glued the whole lot in one go, only took four hours this time!

Looking towards the transom:

Looking down the side:

From the front slightly offset:

From a distance:


  1. So you are all planked up! Congrats!

  2. If only Rik. I still have the other side top curve (on the right in the picture just above). Then I have to trim the top of the curves and put the second layer on the bottom. Then I will be planked up, and enjoy a well earned refreshment.

  3. How many gallons of epoxy have you slurped up already? 5? But she will be a big boat. Where are you going to take her when done?

  4. Rik, a bit less than 18 litres so far roughly. But that includes making the rudder, forward hatch, stem, all the frames and most of the hull to this point. But I have wasted a bit early getting the mixing portions right. Initially Moreton Bay near Brisbane and hopefully the Whitsunday Islands in Nth Qld for a start.