Friday, 10 May 2013

Second layer hull sides complete - planking detail

I have now completed the other side top curved section meaning the two layers on both sides are done.  After dry fitting and removing all the planks one day I epoxy/glued them in one go the next.  I increased to spreading epoxy/glue on four planks at a time resting on saw horses and seemed much quicker and easier.

Below are a few shots firstly from the front:

Looking down the side towards the transom:

Looking from the side at the transom:

And from the front:

Now that the sides are done I will include a few photos showing how the layers fit together.  Firstly the transom from a distance:

And below is a close up of the overlap between the layers, note that the top curve final layer is yet to be trimmed to a curve edge.  As you can see (as we look at them) the bottom curve is overlapped by the top first layer, which is overlapped by the bottom second layer and finally the top second layer.  Plenty of epoxy/glue with no voids that I can see.

The shot below shoes the two layers of the top curve where they overlap the ply bottom first layer.  This will be planed flat and then have a second flat bottom layer place over the top.

Planing the top curve to take the second layer of the bottom is next.


  1. Congratulations! On finishing the planking. Awesome work. Very precise and indeed lots of material strength. Wow... What a boat!

  2. Thanks Rik. I will save my celebration until the second of the bottom layers is on. Then I am going to sit on top and have a beer.

  3. Are you still sitting on the bottom or taking a well deserved break so we can all catch up?

  4. Not yet Rik. I've used the electric plane to clean up the joins at the stem/sides and top curve/bottom ply. Now just the second layer on the bottom before I can even get to sit down.