Thursday, 17 April 2014

Front cabin and side decks continued

With the tops on the forward lockers I under coated the tops and epoxied in the lid supports.  There will be final coats on top and the lids, still deciding if I will wait until after the front deck in case of epoxy drips.

Looking forward, excuse the dust:

Port side:

Stb side:

The carlines for the side decks are in the process of being epoxied into place.  The front to rear ones have had the deck angle planed onto the top surface, and the supports (45mm x 20mm) are half lapped into the carline and the gunwale stringer.

Dry fit:

Being epoxied in place, note long clamp holding it down in the middle and the 12mm double on the rear face of the aft cabin end:

From the side, again note long clamp holding it down to give a curve hopefully close to the gunwale:

Close up of the top of frame 6 (bookcase support), carline and side deck support.  The side support is notched into the carline, into the gunwale stringer and camped to the top of frame 6 as well:

Prior to attaching the carlines I had to put the cabin end pieces on (with doublers), and to do that I had to also epoxy on the bridgedeck supports between frames 7 and 8.  They were half lapped into the laminated beam on frame 8, but were cut well down into the laminated beam on frame 7.  Below is looking aft:

And forward side, with the holes in the beam almost filled with thickened epoxy:

Finally as I have permanently attached the curved beam for the roof of the main cabin I was asked to show the height.  Below is standing between frames 5 (galley aft end) and frame 4 with my feet on the floor (I am around 6ft/183cm).  A couple of fingers clearance, but there will be supports running inside the roof to support it which will cost me 20mm at least in clearance in the main cabin:

And standing against the clamped laminated beam at the aft end of the cabin (frame 7).  Where I am standing the engine will be, and the access hatch out to the cockpit will be above my head so no issues with height:

Tomorrow will be epoxy in the remainder of the support beams for the side deck, Happy Easter to all.


  1. Wow Mal that looks aweaome. I really have to hurry so i can get back ahead of you. Soon the rooftop will be on amd then she will look nearly complete alread!

  2. Don't worry Rik, you will be wiping spray from your face (with me watching on youtube) before I am even close. Your last photos look great, full deck and looking ready to launch almost!!