Saturday, 25 July 2015

Catch up part 2 - head and desk

Inside I moved onto the area where the head would be located and the small sitting desk.  This is between the main and forward cabins.

First I covered in the front of the space, there are two ply pieces with the bottom attached permanently and the next removable.  You can see the cut out for the cassette toilet into the galley space on the left painted white: 

With the head in place.  You can see it pivots around, so if you are alone or the other person is in the forward cabin with the sliding door closed you can have more space with your legs into the main cabin.  Otherwise it points as normal and you make do.  No reading a large newspaper in there!

I then built a seat top which is removable.  You can see the second front cover piece in place.  There will be cushions on top (fixed) and a removable backrest:

Between the galley and the hull is a space I decided to have as a small desk (as per the plans).  This is before, with the fr#4 on the left (fwd end of galley and rear wall of forward cabin) and frame#5 (aft end galley):

Below is with the shelf and inside of the desktop in place, these will be removable for access/fitting of chain-plates:

And the desktop down:

Stored closed which will be hinged.  There will be a front on the top shelf to hold in things as well which I have not cut yet:

Next is the galley and rear door for the head......

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