Saturday, 25 July 2015

Catch up part 3 - galley and head door

Ever since I decided to put in a cassette toilet I was thinking of a  door for the space to cover view from the main cabin.  I don't know why, but a bi fold one was what I came up with, intending that most of the time it would be hidden.

Below is the first section screwed in place:

And the second.  There will be a barrel bolt inside to hold the two pieces together to form the door:

And shut:

I cut a removable piece to fill in above the door.  Removable so you can use the hand hold as you move into the forward cabin when the head is not in use and also as behind it you can see one of the deck vent openings.  I didn't want to stop the airflow.

Then I got inspired and tried to hide it when closed.  I had decided to use the space on the bulkhead for a cabinet.  Below shows how the door will normally be stored:

With the over strip removed (it clicks into catches -  two at the top, one down the bottom):

Cabinet door opened, you can see the catch for it on the top right of the door and the other piece on the frame on the bulkhead:

With the door closed.  I will have a spot for the removable ply piece above the door (lighter piece) on the inside of the cabinet door for hidden storage when not needed:

I also glued in the galley top from 6mm ply with 9mm ply (left over hull pieces) over the top.  I then marked out the outline for my galley sink, and cut it out:

Below is the cut out bit, see next post!:

Next - fuel tank.

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