Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fr 7 almost done

Frame 7 continues

First thing to finish was the aft doubler top piece to join to the curved laminated beam.  Used a piece of cardboard from a breakfast cereal packet as a template, then cut from two bits of a previous frame that I made a mistake on and had to redo.  Lucky I didn't burn them with some other scrap.

Finished all the solid vertical wood bits, then it was time to pull everything off and epoxy glue and screw it back together.

Below are the 12mm ply joiners that go from the 30mm x 45mm vertical wood to the laminated beam.

Below shows the four vertical 30mm x 45mm bits with a 20mm x 45mm cross piece that forms part of the engine space framing.

Below is looking from aft.  The four ply bits are on the forward face of the laminated curve, you will see them when I finish it up and put a few close ups in the next post.  On the left and right solid wood frames you can see the doublers finish between the ply webs and the bottom hardwood cross piece.  The large spaces above the ply each side are the berths that go under the cockpit, the cabin seating forward of this frame also being part of the berth.

The vertical rectangular spaces formed inboard of each of the berths will be storage, one side for batteries and other bits and pieces, the other as a hanging locker for wet weather gear.  There is a packer piece between the outside vertical wood and the front ply web the same thickness as the solid frame each side, you can see where the clamps are top and bottom inboard edge of each ply web holding it until the epoxy goes off.  

The square shape in the middle is the engine space (around 10hp marine diesel with alternator for charging batteries as well).  It will go from just inside the cabin, through this frame to frame 8.  The space above that is a storage locker accessible from the cockpit.  I had some epoxy left over, so filled the screw holes on the back of the laminated frame (14g x 50mm) and the four screws each side (10g x 30mm) on the wood doublers.  I hid the holes inside the berth so they would not be visible from the cabin, but they probably wouldn't show through the paint anyway.

Next post will be a short one showing the final result with a few close ups.  This was one of the most complicated frames on the boat so far, frame 8 also has a bit more work in it than the earlier ones.

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