Sunday, 24 June 2012

Frame #7 part one

Frame #7 is underway, but this one is a lot more work than the others.  For a start each of the side solid sawn wood frames has doublers front and rear.  This makes for 75mm thick of clear Hoop Pine each side, with plywood web down the bottom.  Also my first laminated beam makes an appearance, and actually fit fairly well.

First off was to try and remember my high school woodwork skills, and cut rebates in the solid wood base.  Below is looking from the forward side.

Close up, the rebates are for 30mm wide x 45mm deep vertical frames.  Outside ones slope from rear to to front bottom, and then a 20mm rebate on the bottom is cut full width.  Inside two are just top rear to front bottom.

One of the outside ones from aft showing the 20mm high rebate.

Then the solid sawn frames.  There are doublers front and rear, making these 75mm wide in my case.  Unfortunately that means three scarf joints per side.  I decided to add screws for extra strength, and also to hold it all together while the epoxy glue set.

WARNING: the laminated beam was supposed to be screwed and glued to the rear of the frame before the forward doubler went over the countersunk screws.  Don't stick it together too early!  I did, thinking it would be easier to get it into one piece, without checking the plans.  I have screwed through from the rear of the laminated beam and I don't think it will make any difference (I hope).

Below is the forward side, a bit hard to see but the doubler ends short of the inside of the frame itself to allow a plywood web to be screwed on.  I will show a close up on part two.

Aft is below, note top doubler to meet the laminated beam is yet to be done.

And the width:

Below is the start of the dry fit, don't worry the wood is straight and even it is just the angle I took the photo at.

More to come, there could be a little delay in finishing though with school holidays. Call it intermission.

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