Saturday, 9 June 2012

Frame 5 - Half Way (almost, then transom)

Frame 5 was slightly modified from the plans as I am replacing a work table/storage area on the stb (right) side into an enclosed head (well that is the plan at this stage anyway).

Below is lofting it out, the ply is for the port side and is the rear face (aft side?) of the galley.  All will be clear in a minute.

Below is a close up of the modification. This side (stb) is also supposed to have 12mm ply web.  I put a 12mm doubler on to stiffen the solid frame wood, and will put a solid piece of wood between the hardwood floor and laminated overhead beam when fitting out to frame in the head.

Below is with the epoxy setting, has already been screwed as well on the hardwood cross piece.  The ply is 12mm again.

Below is a close up of the inside of the galley.  The rectangular section on the left is the inside of the day water storage area.  The middle piece will have two draws at the top and the bottom is ventilation and storage space.  Far right area I will find a use for.  On top of the horizontal piece of 20mm x 20mm will be a ply bench.  When the ply is continued up to the cabin roof there will be a large galley access hole cut so you can lean in from the main cabin to use it.

Below is the completed frame looking at the aft face, width is 2628mm to outside of the frames with hull planking and rubbing strakes (?) to come yet. This is the widest frame of the boat. Don't worry about the wood taped to the ply, it is framing for the seating/berth that continues aft but I am considering some changes so didn't attach it yet just in case.

Imagine standing about where the wood is taped on and leaning in through a hole that is almost as wide as the sheet you can see.  Probably too confusing, just wait three years and you will see what I mean....

Below is the forward face of the ply.

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