Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Frame 4

The frames continue on, I will not put too much detail in this post because the scarfing etc is all the same.  This one is bigger but similar to the previous frame being 2490mm across and 12mm ply which is much heavier.

Below is the laminating after cutting all the wood.

Below is the rear face, I will cheat and cut the description from another thread on the woodenboat forum - below is the forward face of the galley, middle is access to forward where the bed/berth will be. On the right will be the forward wall of the enclosed head. Both these will have ply fitted above the horizontal joiner once the boat is completed to hull stage and flipped over for fit out. Lets not get ahead of ourselves yet though.....

Forward face below, note hardwood cross piece.  Leaving it without any fit out as I am thinking about a few things regarding storage and where to start/finish the double berth.

Finally below is a shot of the first four frames done, they are starting to get extremely wide.  I visualised it and measured it out, and even drew scale drawings.  But until you make a few you don't get an idea of just how wide this thing is going to be.

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