Saturday, 16 June 2012

Frame 6 - but I lied

Fr #6 is complete, but fr #5 was not the widest. When I was marking this one out I found it was 2704mm frame outside to outside (76mm wider than the last one). A few tense moments as I flicked through the plans of the frames to come and confirmed THIS was the widest. By my calculations I only have 75mm each side of the completed hull to get it out the door, so you can understand why I ran into the house!

Below is one side of this frame. It has no hardwood across the bottom as the two layers of ply to go across on top (when upside down) make up the main cabin area. Apologies if this is too confusing, scroll down to the bottom and imagine the completed frame upside down and it will make sense I hope.

The 9mm ply web at the base forms a seat support, the 6mm ply at the top goes all the way down to 9mm above the bottom ply web (for a seat top to slide into). 9mm doubler on this side from the bottom of the bookcase across the frame scarf joint again stopping 9mm above where the seat support is. 

The top 6mm ply forms the framework for a bookcase, with 20mm x 20mm solid wood doublers each side. The horizontal ones support the shelves, the vertical ones give you something to screw the ply front onto. Notches for 20mm x 20mm running length ways for the front to attach to between frames.

Below is the finished frame, from aft:

And forward side:

Those with good eyes will notice on the right hand side there is some solid 20mm x 20mm missing (bottom vertical of the front support). I did a dry fit before removing each lot of the bookcase supports individually and putting on the epoxy. 

The next day when I pulled all the clamps off one handed while patting myself on the back there was the sound of wood hitting the concrete. Missed one on each side and had to mix a very small batch of epoxy (did two other little bits I had neglected on an earlier frame as well). Just when you think you are starting to get it together you are reminded of just what an amateur you are...........

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